5 mistakes you should never do

There are a lot of best and worst practices during our work life. Let’s see my top 5 mistakes that you should never do.


Talk about religion or politics

These are the topics that can poison a good relationship. Let’s think about the never-ending arguments in family dinners when somebody comes with their political views or arguments with the older generation about religion.

There is one common thing in these two topics: the argument will never-ever be finished. Almost nobody will change their mind and it is completely wasting our time.

Talking about these topics in a working environment can have two negative effects: firstly, it can destroy a good relationship between coworkers; secondly, it can waste a lot of time. And of course, time is money, so it purges money without any benefit.

Undervalue others work

My work is my child. If you criticizing my work, you are harassing me. That feeling is the same on the other side of the mirror.

If you undervalue a co-worker’s work, do not wait for a positive attitude from them. Yes, you can have other view or you have to talk about possible mistakes, but you have to do that in a really assertive way. You cannot afford to yourself to destroy your connections.


There is a thin border between joking and insulting. A joke is when everybody laughs, insulting when there is one person who feels sad.

For me, it is really hard to keep myself in the border. Maybe one joke is safe for one of your teammates and insulting for the other. There is no choice: you have to be careful about your humor.

Passionate argument

Arguing is a part of the teamwork. There is no reason to build a team full of the same personalities. Different person thinks differently.

There is no question: if you work in a team, you will have arguments. The question is only that: how you want to handle your arguments? You let yourself to say any word that you want or take care about your sentences.

If you let yourself raging, you will have a lot of passionate argument. For a short time, you can win some of them, but in the long-term, nobody will want to work with you. And if you do that, you will find yourself alone, even if you are a part of a team.

Arguing is good. That means both parties wants the best. Every professional has to learn how to argue well, how to control their feelings and how to get the most benefit of arguments.

Denial of talk

When I was a young junior developer, I made all of these top 5 mistakes. Thinking back, I think the 5th is the worst. There was one time when I had a really bad argument that became very passionate. We were even shouting with each other and at the end, I have cut the line. I just closed our IP application and didn’t answer for any of the phone calls.

With my current experience, I think I was a lucky guy. In the worst case, my employer should fire me and I should tell my pregnant wife that I have been fired because I cannot do a professional argument.


These were my top 5 worst mistakes. I believe these are the 5 mistakes you should never do. There is no reason to allow one of these for yourself.

We spend most of our lifetime with our co-workers and it means, we have to handle them in a correct way and build good relationships.

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