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First meeting with programming – The hate

I am a Hungarian software developer born in 1984. Commodore 64 was the first computer that I met with. In the third class of elementary school, we had to learn the Basic language of that old machine. That was the point when I have decided: there is no way I will ever work with computers. My feeling of the computer was simple: pure hate.

Second meeting with programming – What is this?

The second time when I met with programming was at the high school. We got a new teacher who wasn’t a teacher at all. He just held the computer programming classes because the school had only a few teachers for informatics and their knowledge was too far from programming.

That was the first time when someone special showed us the code editor. Someone who lived the same life that I lived later: he was a university student who learned computer science and he has a totally different point of view than the old-school teachers.


After several months, I was sure: I will be a programmer.


Now, I work for a relatively large, multinational company. They have hired me as a database developer and during the years, I have gained some knowledge about .Net technologies and now, we are switching to Java stack.

New blog content

From now, I going to write not only about my feelings but about my challenges too. Now I am a professional developer and I think, I must write out some of the interesting problems that I face with.

Closing toughs

Until that point, I wrote only about my personal feelings and people related toughs. From now, there will be new, technical contents too and I hope my content will help other engineers.


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