Book review: The Clean Coder

Uncle Bob’s book, The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers was life-changing for me. It helps an amateur to be a professional.


I was a very passionate coder – As I remember, I couldn’t call that-time myself for a programmer or a professional. I loved to code and thought there is only one important thing that matters if I want to do a good job: I have to write good code.

The Clean Coder – How to be a professional developer

Actually, I was so young and so naive. In reality, I knew little about programming at all and nothing about being a professional.

How to be a professional programmer

That book has great thoughts about some basics of programming. Not about the for-each loop or about the syntactic of some kind of fancy language, but about some coding related knowledge that unnecessary stuff to do a professional job.

It talks about the basics of coding. About the flowing zone and managing interruptions. That was the first book when I read about the importance of Test-Driven-Development (TDD).

After reading that book, I’ve started to plan my days and my weeks. I knew every day what are the tasks that I want to finish that day. Also, I have learned how to estimate precisely.

It’s changed me as a technical person. I became a person who wrote better quality code and shipped most of the tasks in time.

Professionalism in handling people

As I wrote before, before that book, I care only about myself. That book was a life changer. I have started to think about the other people.  Active listening and a good meeting behaviour are great.

Active listening and a good meeting behaviour are great skills to reduce the amount of time spending meetings.


Maybe the most important advice that I learned from that book as a junior coder is creating a time myself to do my coding job and handling interruptions in a proper way. Actually, it is easy. Before that, I just told ‘Sorry, I am busy now, cannot talk with you’. Now I answer interruptions like ‘Sorry, I am busy now. Can we talk at 2 pm?’.

That seems to be a little change but that was a game changer. Before that, I actually told every person that I really do not want to talk with them and I didn’t give them any information about when we can solve their problem. Now they know that I will take care of them but not now. But I tell them another time when I will be available so they don’t have to come back to me and ask again.


I was a good coder. I have finished a lot of tasks in a short period. Actually, I was a crazy person who jumps from one topic to another and sometimes I became aggressive just because I made myself to do a lot of parallel processes for multiple teams.

After reading, understanding and accepting the knowledge of that book, I became a person who I call professional developer. I started to ship important milestones and became a person who can trust in.

And that book had a positive effect on my career too. After about six months of hard work, my team and my manager seen my progress and I got my promotional: I got the Senior Software Engineer title and a good rise – and also some stocks too.

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