Laziness – I did nothing


It is a bit hard, but I had to tell that: Laziness got me and destroyed my last 2 or 3 months.  Laziness is a monster that gets you and destroys everything.

The biggest enemy

During that time, I haven’t written a single blog post, I have learned almost nothing and my diet and exercise plan basically dead.

Forced changes

For the professional part, there were some changes in my life that destroyed my motivation and I needed some time to continue my professional journey.  I think I have created a good learning plan based on our requirements for our next projects in my full-time job. Also, I have started to do a learning project to learn a lot of technical stuff.

And suddenly, company politics entered and our team had to throw out our several month works and we were forced to change our technology stack. That is one part of the reasons why

That is one part of the reasons why laziness got me.

Summer and family

The other reason is simple: Summer was here. We went to visit California with my team. Immediately after that, we went on holiday with my family and when we came back, I had a lot of work around my house. Also, I have played a lot with my kids.

That was a good summer. My relationship with my family became stronger. For professional productivity side, laziness got me and I become lazy, but I think it worth it because I made strong connections between me and my family.

What is next

The summer ends this week so I must back on the track.

Firstly, I was working on my daily schedule. For now, my body used to get up almost 90 minutes earlier than my kids. That means I have about one hour each morning to work on my career.

I am the first who gets up in the morning.

Secondly, I going to review and refactor my one-year learning plan and my long-time and yearly goals.

Thirdly, I start to work on my goals.

Final words

My previous plan had the other issue: I haven’t calculated with my family. Now, my most important goal is to develop a lifestyle that both servers my personal development, my fitness and most importantly, my family life. I have a wife and two kids and my biggest responsibility is to take care of them.