Online gaming

Online gaming is the biggest time eater in the 21st century. And it is even more dangerous if you work remotely because nobody sees how you spend your day.

Online gaming – The good side

If you work remotely you will be the invisible man. Humans are social beings. And you will work alone. Yes, that is true: nobody works alone, but you will not have physical contact with your team, so you will start looking for ways to get closer to human beings and the easiest way to do that is simple: You have to install a great game with huge user base and you will be able to play with living people. And you will also be able to talk to them. I know that is still something fake but you will really feel you belong to somewhere. You can find new online friends, you can chat and talk them in every day and you do not have to leave your room to do that.

Online gaming – The bad side

There is nothing bad in playing several times a week, but there is one big problem with online gaming: I know nothing more addictive, moreover you can get it for free. You can play 10 thousand games without spending a single dollar on them. Most of the most popular online games are completely free. You just want to play one or two games with your friends and 1 year later you will find you played 1000 times in a single year and the average game time was 45 minutes. It is not too hard to calculate how much time is that: It equals 93 working days in a regular 8 hour job.

You could have created a side project or learned several technologies in that time, but instead of that you just played with people you actually do not know at all. You have your virtual playground but there is no human connection in your life.

How should you play if you want

Online gaming is something similar to drinking alcohol, with only one difference: It is something relatively new. Maybe you have already seen your drunk father and you saw the side effects of alcohol but it is of good chance you have never seen your parents siting at their computer and playing online games day by day. The solution is something similar to the solution of alcohol problems. If you are an addict already, you have to find your way out.

That life is well known for me, so I know how to deal with it. I have tried uninstalling all games from my computer, then reinstalled all of them in one or two weeks. Also, I have tried to say no to my online friends,but I have started to play again in one or two weeks. There was one good way for me to handle online gaming: I have a daughter and a son. I really love them but from productivity aspect, they are my biggest time cunsumers.


Every minute is of high value in my life. I have to take care of my family, do my regular job and I want to do some productive stuff in my free time. I still play online games but I have a strict rule on them: I play maximum 3 times a week. It takes 3 hours in total. And my personal development, my blog and my side project has higher priority than playing some games. Online gaming is a reward for me. I plan my week and if I can finish every task on my list, I reward myself with playing some games. Basically, I had a bad habit that I have replaced with a good one. When I want to play a game, I just check my kanban board, if there are any items on my to do list. As soon as my list is empty, I reward myself with playing.