SMART goals

If you want to reach something in your life, you have to set goals. And if you do, you better set SMART goals.

It does not matter if you are a developer, a doctor or a secretary. If you do not want to live from day to day, you have to set some goals for yourself. And it is not enough to you just choose your goals, you have to be smart and you have to do it SMART. SMART is a system that helps you to set proper goals for yourself.


Your goal is smart, if it is:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Reasonable, Relevant
  • Time bound


The best way to explain is a fitness example. It is new year’s eve. And you want to make a new-year’s resolution. Most of the people say I am a bit fat. I will loose weight. It is a great idea, let us see how it can be transformed into a smart goal:

  • Specific: Actually it is somehow specific already. I know that I am fat and want to loose some weight. I do not want to be fat any more.
  • Measurable: How much kilograms do I want to loose? I have some vision in my head of me being fit and healthy, but I do not know when I would say: ‘It is great, i  have accomplished my goal’.
  • Achievable: Back to the previous point. I do not know if I have achieved that or not because it is not really measurable.
  • Reasonable: I will not lose 20 kilograms in one week. I have to set a goal that possible.
  • Time bound: I have to decide when I want to reach that goal. I need a deadline.

Let’s make the goal SMART. What happens if I say I am a bit fat. I want to lower my weight to 85 kilograms in one year. Now I have a way better goal: I know exactly what I want to achieve, I know how much my weight will be in one year and I know that I am able to do that. It is impossible to loose 10 kilograms in a day or a week. But it’s possible if I give it a year.

Set up additional goals

There is no reason to stop after one SMART goal. If I really want to achieve my previous goal I am sure I need some additional ones:

  • In the next year, I going to fix my eating habits. I start to count my calorie income and I do not allow more than one cheating day every two weeks. I set my daily calorie limit to be able to loose 10 kilograms in one year.
  • In the next year, I start to run. I am going to run 3 times a week and I want to be able to run 5 kilometers by July and 8 kilometers by November.


As you can see, you can plan your life. You can set  yourself goals and I think it is worth to give you some extra time to not only plan your resolutions, but to specify them by defining goals that you are able to reach. If you do it in that way, you greatly increase your chance to obtain your goal. You know where  youe are going and how you will do that.