I know a person who is a blue collar worker. He told me once it is easy for you. You have a great salary, your life is so easy.

On one side, he has true. I got a great job with a relative good salary. I can pay the bills without worrying about the end of the month, have a house and a car. I am also married and trying to raise up two kids. From one side, it is kind an average life.

He, on the other hand, he lives from paycheck to paycheck, cannot save money, he is over on his forties and he still lives with his mother and no spouse.

From that side, I can understand his frustration and for several years I felt some kind of shame about that.

Now, I feel different. Every person can make a choice about his or her life. Yes, I could work for a regular 9 to 5 job, meet with friends and at the end, lay down and watch TV.

But the fact is different. I woke up at 6 am. Prepared breakfast to my family; brought the car to the mechanic (I had a small accident during the weekend); then go back to home and give the car to my wife to take care of the kids; went to work; worked for 8 hours; went home; prepared dinner; washed the dishes; read bedtime stories; read technical papers and now I am writing this blog post.

It is 10 pm. I going to finish this blog, give a goodnight kiss to my wife, playing for about 30 minutes and go to sleep.

And I know, it is so easy for me 😀

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