I have been asked about my favourite programming-related videos this week. This list is personal, there is no evidence if they are the best – it is just a collection of the favorite ones.

I have decided to create two seperated lists: one list for coding-related programming videos and an-other for soft-skill related ones.

Let’s see the programming videos

1 – Diagnostics 101 with Jon Skeet

Every person gets to the point of stucking in the mud and no idea how to get out of there. In this video, Jon Skeet shows how to reduce the noise from the problem by an example. Fun fact: he can narrow the original question so much so it will solve itself. As it happens often in real life.

2 – Head to Head: Scott Allen and Jon Skeet – Scott Hanselman

Scott Allen and Jon Skeet are both PluralSight authors. This is a fun show when two experts are getting the same question and they try to answer it. They do it in an entertaining way and also teach the basics of analyzing and solving coding questions.

3 – Dates and times aren’t that hard – honestly! – Jon Skeet

Okay, it seems I am a Jon Skeet fan. Maybe there is a reason why he has over 1 million reputation points on StackOverflow.

As the creator of the NodaTime library, he got more experience of dates and times than any of us.

When people start to code there is a learning curve. And it is a part of the curve when we think we know a lot. We start to deliver and our life is fine. For me, this presentation showed I know nothing. Because dates are soo simple.

4 – Abusing C# – Jon Skeet

I promise this is the last one from Mr. Skeet. There is nothing to say, just watch.

5 – The Three Laws of TDD (Featuring Kotlin)

I was born in 1984. I bet Uncle Bob Martin already had more than 10 years of experience on a day when I the first time saw the sunlight.

Test-Driven Development is a programming methodology that says we like or not, we must write tests. He spreads the word of TDD around the world for more years than I am working as a developer.

TDD or not?

There are still argue about doing TDD or not – but I believe we cannot avoid to at least be familiar with the basic concepts about it.

6 – Bob Martin SOLID Principles of Object-Oriented and Agile Design

SOLID Principles are the first step to write code that long-running software should contain. In this talk, he tells stories about how we should write code.

7 – ITkonekt 2019 | Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob), Clean Architecture and Design

To be honest, I haven’t watched this yet. But he talks regularly about clean architecture and as I see, in the key points, they are same. But still, it is worth to check.

  • TDD tells the process of how we should write the code
  • SOLID principles are telling what kind of code should we write
  • Clean Architecture describes how we should structure our code

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