I have been asked about my favorite programming-related videos this week. This list is personal, there is no evidence if they are the best – it is just a collection of the favorite ones.

I have decided to create two separated lists: one list for coding-related programming videos and an-other for soft-skill related ones.

Soft skill videos

1 – Time management by Scott Hanselman

Scott Hanselman – “It’s not what you read, it’s what you ignore”

Youtube is full of videos about time management. In this video, Scott Hanselman opens a new horizon of time management: just ignore things that don’t matter.

2 – Don’t over-specialize

It’s Important to be a Full Stack Developer | Scott Hanselman

Scott Hanselman again. Yes, it is true, you can earn a significant amount of money if you specialize yourself. But as I see, you can multiply your professionality if you sometimes pick up the full stack developer hat.

3 – Take responsibility

Key Principle For Your Success: Take Responsibility

You can love or hate John Sonmez. Maybe he is too bulldog in that modern PC area. But I must admit he has a proper view of being professional.

4 – Be kind

Joe Rogan on The Importance of Being Kind

Joe Rogan. The person who spends his days (or nights) around the UFC says: ‘Be Kind’.

That’s all.

5 – 5 soft skills (not only for developers)

5 Soft Skills Every Software Developer Should Know – John Sonmez

John Sonmez again. In this talk, he made a short brief about his book, about Soft Skills.

6 – Hack your career

Hack Your Career – Troy Hunt

Troy Hunt is the person who knows first if your account have been hacked and bad guys stole your password from your favorite pizzeria.
If you feel yourself unmotivated, just watch this video.

7 – Have fun

John Cena Teaches Hugh Jackman Reverse Trash Talking

It is hard to decide who teaches who. But I’m sure, they had fun 😀

Extra content – The most important motivational video ever

Thanks, Lori 😀

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